Lucky for you, the pear body shape has quite a variety of options when it comes to selecting a wedding dress.

Do you have a pear shaped body?

I’ll be sharing my updated tips for the pear shaped body type, also called the triangle shaped body, with lots of tips on how to create the most flattering shapes for your body shape and ideas for clothes you can buy right now.

You might not feel like your hips are your strong point, but think about how so many celebrities make them work, and they look confident and charming.The pear shape is the most common figure proportion for women. As a pear, you share the same body shape with classic celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Shakira.

Best Wedding Dress for Pear Shaped Body

The perfect dress type for girls with a pear shape will be the asymmetrical types. An asymmetrical dress is a wedding dress that will have more emphasis and shape on one part than the other, like a draped waist or a ruffled skirt. These typically have either a trailing ruffle layer skirt that cascades diagonally down the dress or a one-shoulder strap bodice. These types of structural dimensions on a wedding dress create the illusion of proportional balance.

When searching for your dream dress, you should, as a pear-shaped bride-to-be, consider the following things:

Make sure your dress has appealing and eye-catching details around the top part, including the neckline. They will draw others’ attention to your bodice and upper body;

If you want your hips to be de-emphasized, the best choice is an A-line gown because it only skims over your thighs, and it’s not very fluffy or volumized. A-line dresses make you look taller than ball gowns;

The second best choice is an empire waist dress, while the 3rd option should be a ball gown;

Your dress should have a cap sleeve, a fuller skirt, and broader shoulder pads or straps. These elements will balance your body shape. If the weather allows it, you could even wear a bolero to obtain a well-balanced figure that resembles the one of an hourglass by emphasizing your tiny waist;

Those who don’t have an issue with those gorgeous, strong hips and want to flaunt them can easily wear a fitter or straight gown. However, you might need to customize your dress to fit your body since pear-shaped women have a larger size around their lower body and a smaller size around their upper body. Or, you could buy a pret-a-porter gown from the store and then have it altered by your reliable tailor;

If you feel confident enough and want to accentuate your curves, you could wear a mermaid or a trumpet wedding dress. These two styles create the illusion of curvy hips, so they’re considered ideal for skinny brides, but nobody says you cannot wear them if you have wider hips.

All in all, it’s crucial to choose a flattering wedding gown which, in the case of a pear-shaped body, would mean a loose skirt, a high waist, and a fitted top.

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